Learning Outcomes

After two weeks training, students are expected to be able to:

  • LO 1: demonstrate an appreciation of the key academic debates concerning the nature and utility of the concept of global peace.
  • LO 2: distinguish between the key concepts and issues that surround related areas: peacekeeping, prosperity, peace, justice, citizenship and conflict resolution.
  • LO 3: demonstrate an understanding of those issue areas where global peace can play a role in promoting justice, welfare, mitigating and resolving conflict.
  • LO 4: demonstrate an understanding of the barriers to achieving this in the real world and how far they can be overcome.
  • LO 5: reflect on the requirements and obligations of global peace, international law, humanitarian law and conflict resolution.
  • LO 6: create a global peace society and community around the world as part of peace building.
  • LO 7: be actively engaged with and participate in justice, prosperity and global citizenship.
  • LO 8: build and strengthen individual and institutional networks for conflict prevention in justice, prosperity and citizenship.


Theoretical  & Case Study Subjects







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